Organisational storytelling

We want to humanise health, aged care and other human services.

  • Storytelling to improve service experience
  • Skills of the heart workshops (the human skills needed in a workplace)
  • Improving communications processes

At String Words, our ethos is people first, every time

String Words is a communications and culture consultancy assisting with people projects; including improving consumer and customer experience, workforce culture and education,  and general internal communications.

Passionate about human-centred design, we specialise in the gathering of experiences and qualitative engagement (interviews and storytelling). We listen, ask questions, and use these insights to provide you with guidance and recommendations to improve culture and service delivery, resulting in better experiences for everyone. 

We’re also big believers in kindness

Our work is all about promoting a kinder, more holistic approach to everything we do. 

With a growing body of research indicating a direct correlation between organisational health and employee engagement and retention, now more than ever we need to put our people first. We also need to plan for the future of work – which is all about human and heart skills. 

Inspired by the stories collected, we develop and deliver tailored workshops which promote the skills we need now and into the future, including the benefits of communications, team colleagiality, respect, self-care, and more.

By investing in your people, you’re investing to prevent, protect and save for the long term.