Kindness in Aged Care

String Words is proud to be a unique social enterprise specialising in person centred design. Incorporating the scientific power of storytelling, we facilitate informed and individually tailored workshops with leaders and our skilled operational workforce, to reignite the impact and importance of workplace culture, soft skills, and kinder approaches for person centred-and-driven practices.

We know there’s challenges

The Aged Care sector and industries are constantly transforming to meet an evolving and ageing Australia. And while it’s a wonderful time to play such important roles within our community, the challenges of time and funding restrictions, as well as changing care priorities can take their toll operationally, financially and emotionally for all involved.

Not only does our sector need to triple its workforce in the coming decades, fast tracked education courses often mean learning about the significance of personable and soft skills in care is neglected. Finding and retaining our best staff is another significant challenge.

Along with surfacing cases of elder abuse, neglect and unaddressed complaints, qualitative studies are also identifying a growing societal mistrust of aged care services and the kind of care they and their loved ones will receive.

Here’s how we can help

Let’s work together to explore the strategic, operational, financial, employee and consumer benefits for your organisation that come with embedding kinder practices and ways.