Folk Tales

A program dedicated to our senior Australians, Folk Tales helps you bring your stories to life, and ensure legacies and memories live on.

However big or small, we have memories and experiences from our lives that shape who we are; we all have a story.

Maybe it’s a love story, or one of loss. It could be a story about your family legacy, a momentous moment or event, memories of travels or the war time. Perhaps it’s all of these things. Whatever you have to say, we would love to listen.

Have you always wanted to write your story, but haven’t known where to start? Or maybe you’re a family member that would love to see your parent or grandparents’ memories on paper or filmed as a keepsake. Maybe you want to ensure this story is told and passed down to future generations so the legacy lives on.

Perhaps, you’re part of an organisation undertaking our Kindness in Care Workshops, and recognise the significance of storytelling in your person-centred design learning. Whatever the reason, these stories and recollections of history will always be worth capturing. And there is no better time than now to get started!

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