Brand Journeys

Share your brand journey effectively with all your stakeholders

Another change?

Oh boy, we get it.

Australia’s aged care sector continues to undergo momentous change and transformation. 

Key recommendations and outcomes of the Living Longer Living Better Act and the Tune Report have had significant impacts on workforce and consumer expectations, and the way we measure quality and our standard practices of care. Governing all these changes is a shift towards a greater person-and-consumer-centric focus to the way we care and support our senior Australians.

While these changes are as exciting as they are necessary, evolving your brand identity, strategy and operational plan to fit within a consumer-centric framework is easier said than done. Properly defining and understanding what person centred design is and the steps you need to take will either be your biggest hurdle, or opportunity.

(This is where we come in)

Providing individually tailored plans and workshops to meet your needs, we can provide your organisation with: 

An informed understanding of what consumer centricity and person centered design (PCD) is, and means for you.

Clear expectations and steps your organisation can take, and the measurable benefits of person-driven practices.

Support with navigating your way to short, mid and long-term goals, stages and milestones of your organisational journey and transition to person-centred design.

An engagement guide to support you with effectively communicating your new PCD approach – both internally and externally – for differing audiences. 

Strategic and brand identity support, as you transition your priorities and values.