About us

At String Words, our ethos is people first, every time

String Words is a communications and culture consultancy, working with health, aged care and goodwill organisations and services, as well as education institutions.  We assist with people projects including improving consumer and customer experience, workforce culture and education,  and general internal communications.

Passionate about human-centred design, String Words specialises in the gathering of experiences and qualitative engagement (interviews and storytelling). We listen, ask questions, and use these insights to provide you guidance and recommendations to improve culture and service delivery, resulting in better experiences for everyone. 

String Words also runs a range of tailored workshops focusing on human and heart skills for the workplace. 

Our story

Inspired by the methodology of co-design, the art-science of storytelling and the compelling research into the benefits of self-compassion, shared experience and kindness, Amy Maddison founded her company String Words to encourage a kinder, more holistic and human approach to work.

String Words has worked with organisations such as the Hush Foundation, the Gathering of Kindness, Monash Health, Monash University, the Rural Workforce Agency of Victoria, Lesley Armstrong Consulting, Tassie Home Loans, and more. Amy also works regularly with the Patient Experience team at a large public hospital.

Amy is tertiary qualified in Arts (Communications and Theatre), Education, and Counselling (conferral 2021). Amy is a Board Member for Writers Victoria, and a LASA Next Gen Ambassador for Young Aged Care leaders across Victoria and Tasmania.