About us


Our mission is to humanise aged care by putting people first every time. 


At String Words, our ethos is people first, every timeOur mission is to humanise the health and aged care sectors by better equipping leaders and organisations to put people at the centre of all they are and do. By doing so, healthcare organisations can enjoy the many benefits that come with happier and healthier employees and consumers.


We’re proud to be a unique social enterprise specialising in person-centred design. Incorporating the scientific power of storytelling, we facilitate informed and individually tailored workshops with leaders and our skilled operational workforce, to reignite the impact of workplace culture, soft skills, and kinder approaches to person centred-and-driven practices.  Through our program Folk Tales, we also spend time with our senior Australians and their families, and together we tell the stories they wish to tell of their lives and experiences so far.

About our Founder

Inspired by the methodology of co-design, the art-science of storytelling and the compelling research into the benefits of self-compassion, shared experience and kindness in care, Amy Maddison founded her company String Words to encourage a kinder, more holistic and human approach to aged care.

String Words has worked with organisations such as the Hush Foundation, the Gathering of Kindness (Kindness in Aged Care workshops at KPMG with Maria Berry, and workshop and Expert Panel at Central Gippsland Health Service (CGHS)), Estia Health (delivering a report into the benefits of Peer Support Training) and Hamble Court (Storytelling and Induction and Soft Skills program). Amy also works regularly with the Patient Experience team at a large public hospital and casually supports the undertaking of aged care research with a well known university.

Amy is tertiary qualified in Arts (Communications and Theatre), Education, and Counselling (conferral 2019).